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For Estonian citizens who wish to study and / or carry out research in Italy, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers Study grants for the academic year 2011-2012.

Applicants may request Study grants for:

BRIEF LANGUAGE COURSES (3 months): possibly in preparation for enrolment in university and post-university degree courses in Italy.

INDIVIDUAL UNIVERSITY COURSES: all subjects are included; at the end of the course the grant holder will be required to pass the relevant examination.


COURSES IN ADVANCED MUSICAL AND ARTISTIC TRAINING: to be completed at advanced music, art and dance training institutes (academies, conservatories, ISIA, etc.), at institutes of restoration and the National School of Cinema, for which a high school diploma is required.

ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE COURSES FOR TEACHERS OF ITALIAN (1 or 3 months): Italian language and culture courses are reserved for non-Italian teachers of the Italian language and university students of Italian enrolled for at least 3 years. Grants are awarded for the study of the Italian language, and the teaching of it, at the universities for Foreigners in Perugia, Siena and Rome (Roma Tre) or other accredited institutions that issue certificates of Italian as a Second Language (L2).

POST-GRADUATE UNIVERSITY COURSES: Courses for the Masters I and II level (of at least one academic year’s duration), research doctorate (PhD) and specialisations.

Duration of grants: With the sole exception of brief Italian language and culture courses (1 or 3 months), the study grants awarded are for 9 months. Applications for grants of a different duration cannot be accepted. Grant recipients are reminded that payment of monthly allowance will start in January 2012.

Study grants are awarded for study or research at the following types of legally accredited institutions: universities or university or poly-technical institutes; institutes for advanced artistic or musical training; restoration institutes; National School of Cinema; research labs or centres, libraries, archives and museums associated with graduate and undergraduate university courses in which the candidate is obliged to enrol.

The only exceptions are the European University Institute - an intergovernmental university institution linked with community institutions - and legally accredited private universities, for courses leading to educational credentials with legal value in Italy.

Age limits: in no case grants can be awarded to anyone who would still be below the age of 18 during the period covered by the grant. The age limit is 35 years.

Please consult the General Information for Study Grants 2011-2012:
in English language
in Italian language

Presentation and expiration of Application: After registering at, applicants will be able to fill out the form. The on line application must be completed by uploading a digital image of the passport showing the applicant’s photo.

Please note that it is NOT requested to send the applications in paper format. 

                                          On-line forms must be submitted by May 2nd, 2011

If necessary, please feel free to contact the Embassy of Italy in Tallinn for information: Vene 2, 3° floor, tel: 6276160 or e-mail: