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Borse di studio offerte a cittadini italiani per l'anno accademico 2011/2012



Borse di studio offerte a cittadini italiani per l'anno accademico 2011/2012

Si informa che il Ministero dell'Educazione e della Ricerca della Repubblica d'Estonia, in collaborazione con la Fondazione Archimedes, ha pubblicato l'avviso per le borse di studio offerte nell'a.a. 2011-2012 per i cittadini italiani che intendono svolgere un periodo di studi presso le istituzioni universitarie estoni:

Estonian Government scholarship programme for Italian Republic
In accordance with the agreement of the cultural, educational, scientific and technological on cooperation between Estonia and Italy for the years 2005-2008, Archimedes Foundation takes great pleasure to publish an open call for the following scholarships in academic year 2011-20112:

1. Three (3) scholarships for university lectors and researchers for study and lecturing visits to Estonian higher education and research institutions. The total duration cannot exceed 30 days.
2. Two (2) scholarships for summer courses in Estonian language either in the University of Tartu or in the University of Tallinn
3. Long-term scholarships for Master (the total duration cannot exceed 20 months) and Doctoral (the total duration cannot exceed 20 months) study visits at public higher education institutions. Duration of studies 1 to 10 month per person.

Long-term scholarships are granted for period of 1-10 months. The period of a short-term visit for university staff may last up to 21 days and a long-term visit more than 21 days. The study or research visits must take place from September 2011 to July 2012. Summer courses in the Estonian language are held at the University of Tartu or at the Tallinn University from July to August 2011.

The scholarship does not cover tuition fees (except tuition fees for summer courses). As a rule, the scholarships are intended for researchers or exchange students. Since the courses do not lead to awarding a degree, applicants are not required to sit entrance examinations and pay tuition fees. When applying for degree-studies, the applicant must pass admission examinations or an admission audition (or other form of assessment of his/her creative work) independent from the application procedure of the scholarship. For further information, the candidates should contact the responsible university (international student office). Applicants are requested to point out that they are applying for a scholarship award under an international bilateral agreement to the selected university.

Recipients pay their own travel expenses to Estonia and back. The scholarship is meant to cover the living expenses of only one person; any additional financial support for accompanying members of the family is not available. The scholarship is tax free. Scholarships are granted by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

The Estonian Party shall provide a payment of:
- 288 euros per month for bachelor and master students (including 80 euros for accommodation);
- 383,47 euros per month for doctoral students (including 80 euros for accommodation);
- 6,5 euros per day and 16 euros for accommodation per day for participants of the summer courses;
- tuition fees for summer courses;
- 20 euros per day and 35 euros for accommodation per day for university lecturers and researchers on short-term visits;

The following documents must be enclosed:
1. Application form;
2. Curriculum Vitae;
3. A letter of recommendation;
4. Certification of student’s (or university staff’s) status at home institution;
5. Detailed working plan (except applicants for summer courses);
6. Certified copy of the university diploma with transcripts (except applicants for summer courses);
7. Letter of invitation from the proposed host institution in Estonia (except applicants for summer courses);
8. Certificate of Proficiency in English (for non-EU countries);
9. Application forms for summer courses (form of Tartu University or form of Tallinn University).

All the documents must be written in or translated into English. The application form and all the enclosed documents should be completed in two (2) identical sets (one original set and one copy of the original set). Every set must be put into plastic sheet or envelope. Any incomplete applications or applications handed in after the deadline cannot be taken into consideration. Application documents shall not be returned.

Archimedes Foundation accepts only these applications that are officially and in due time nominated by the relevant authorities. The final decision on the award rests with Estonian Party. Nominations for the Estonian Scholarships must reach Archimedes Foundation not later than May 1st, 2011 (to the following address: Ms. Kristiina Vaik, Archimedes Foundation, Centre for Higher Education development, Koidula 13A, 10125 Tallinn, Estonia).

For further information on scholarships please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanking your advance, and looking forward to your cooperation.

Kristiina Vaik
Adviser Centre for Higher Education development
Archimedes Foundation