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Cooperazione economica


Cooperazione economica


General outlook:
Estonia-Italy economic relations are characterized by a very strong legal base. In recent years business seminars and study trips have taken place with the goal of enlivening economic relations even more.

In 2015 exports to Italy amounted to 110 million EUR and imports from Italy amounted to 333 million EUR. Trade with Italy amounted to 1.8% of Estonia's total trade. According to the preliminary data of Statistics Estonia in 2016 exports to Italy amounted to 111,6 million EUR and imports from Italy amounted to 356 million EUR.

Estonia's main export in to Italy 2016:

• Machinery and equipment – 28%
• Paper pulp and paper products – 15,2%
• Live animals and animal products –11,2%
• Wood and wood products – 10,3%

Estonia's main import to Italy in 2016:
• Machinery and equipment – 25,3%
• Metal and metal products – 13,3%
• Textiles and textile products – 10,4%
• Vehicles, aircraft, vessels and associated transport equipment– 7,8%

In 2016, according to the Estonian Tourism Board, 33.508 Italian tourists were accommodated in Estonia. Estonia is becoming more and more popular among Italian tourists also thanks to the many cruise ships stopping at Tallinn’s harbor during their tour of the Baltic Sea in summertime. In addition to Tallinn, tourists from Italy were also particularly interested in the counties of Tartumaa and Pärnumaa.

According to the Bank Estonia, as of 31.12.2016, 0,6% of Estonia’s foreign direct investment came from Italy in the total amount of 115,6 million euros. Estonia's foreign direct investments in Italy amounted to 106,3 million euros as of the same date, which represented 1,7% of all total investments in foreign countries.