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Translation awards and contributions 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation promotes the dissemination of Italian books, for the translation into foreign languages of literary and scientific works (also on digital media) and for the production, dubbing or subtitling in foreign languages of short films, feature films and television series.

Publishers, translators, production companies, dubbing and subtitling, distribution companies and cultural and international institutions, based both in Italy and abroad, can submit applications for two types of incentive:

• incentive for the translation into a foreign language and dissemination through publication (also in e-book format) of Italian literary and scientific works, the publication of which is expected after 1 August 2023;

• incentive for the production, dubbing or subtitling in foreign languages of short films, feature films and television series that will be made after August 1, 2023.

• prize for the translation of Italian works (also in e-book format), including short films, feature films and television series intended for mass communication media, which have been disclosed, translated, produced, dubbed, subtitled, on a date not prior to 1 January 2022.

Deadline for submitting requests:

The applications can be submitted by using only the appropriate FORM in Italian or English (below). The application has to be sent to the Italian Embassy in Tallinn no later than 5 May 2023 to, according to the provisions of the 2023 Call, by sending the applications to the following address email:

Requests for contributions are not accepted for works already published, circulated, translated or dubbed on the date of submission of the application and for works whose publication is expected before 1 August 2023.

Applications requiring a contribution equal to or greater than the cost of the project are not eligible. The MAECI contribution must not be a binding element for the purposes of translation, dissemination, production, publication, dubbing and subtitling of the work.

The attention of these offices is drawn to the inadmissibility of applications that have already been the subject of contributions from other Italian institutions.

Applications for works that have already contributed to the assignment of Prizes and Contributions in other financial years are not admissible, except in cases in which the Foreign Office deems it necessary to propose their review, justifying it with a change in the local situation.

Applications submitted in ways other than those provided for in the announcement are not considered admissible.