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14/05/20, aggiornamento del governo estone

The Government decided to allow the opening of shopping centres on 11 May under limited conditions. The 2+2 rule must be still observed in shopping centres, and safety of the employees and customers assured. Customers are strongly recommended to wear masks or cover their nose and mouth. As of May 11, food can be eaten at the catering establishments where so far it was only possible to buy food as take-away. At the same time, the restriction remains which allows consumption of food at the establishment until 22:00, to prevent people from gathering in restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Children’s playrooms, casinos, slot machines arcades, entertainment, and leisure facilities, including bowling and billiard halls, and adult clubs, will remain closed. The ban on organising public gatherings, also visiting cinemas, nightclub events, performances, concerts, and conferences will also remain valid in shopping centres as well as elsewhere. Until the end of the emergency situation, all customer service providers at shopping centres are advised to wear personal protective equipment indoors.

Visiting the indoor premises of museums and exhibition will be allowed from 11 May, if the special conditions are met. Access to the exhibition buildings of open-air museums and exhibits located outside museum buildings is also allowed. In order for museums and exhibitions to open indoor premises, groups of no more than 10 people are allowed access. Families are subject to exceptions. The 2+2 rule must be adhered to, hand disinfectants must be provided in the establishments and surfaces frequently touched by visitors must be cleaned thoroughly. It is recommended to cover your nose and mouth in the exhibition rooms or museums if you are in a risk group.

Based on the decision of the Government of the Republic there will be no public events held in Estonia in May and June.

As of May 15, public events can be held where the visitors are in the car during the whole event. For example, it is permitted to organise drive-in movie-theatre viewings or drive-in concerts. Special conditions apply. Up to 2 people may be in one car, except if the persons in the car are members of the same family. There must be sufficient distance between cars, people are not allowed to step out of their cars (except for health reasons or toilet visits), all employees and performers must observe the 2+2 rule at the event. Ticket sales must take place online, ticket control will take place through the window (the visitor shows an electronic ticket on the smartphone screen). If catering is provided, the menu selection and payment must take place through the smartphone application and the order must be brought to the car. Other recommendations and requirements (wearing masks, availability of disinfectants) also apply.

As of July, the limit of a public open-air event is 1000 persons, and indoor public event limit is 500 persons. When holding an indoor event, the restrictions are in place which allow only 50% of the capacity of the space to be occupied. Easing of restrictions allows cinemas and theatres to resume work within these limitations as of July. The Government’s positions are in line with the recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Board.

From May 18:

it is allowed to reopen sports clubs and organize training sessions indoors;it is allowed to organize sports competitions in open air, provided there are no spectators and there are no more than 100 participants;it is allowed to open swimming pools for training.

NB! Spas will still remain closed.

The Finnish Government made a formal decision on May 7, regarding the re-establishment of employment-related travel between the Schengen countries and Finland. The decision will come into force on 14 May.

The Estonian government recently also approved a memorandum of mutual understanding on cooperation and lifting the restrictions of movement of road, railway, air, and maritime transport established due to the COVID-19 crisis between the ministries of foreign affairs of the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Lithuania, and the Republic of Latvia.

Pursuant to the decision of the government, free movement between the three Baltic states will be restored on 15 May for residents of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia and for people staying there legally, provided that they show no symptoms of COVID-19. As of then, the temporarily restored border control and guarding of the state border at the Estonian-Latvian border will stop, and those arriving from Lithuania and Latvia no longer have to stay home for 14 days, except for persons who arrived from outside the Baltic states.


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