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Emergency numbers


An operation centre is active 24/7 on all the Estonian territory to manage any emergency, and answer to the number 112 (police, firefighters, ambulance)

Consular assistance – major emergency during office hours

Please call the following number: +372 6276160

Consular assistance – major emergency outside of office hours

In case of a serious and proven emergency outside of office hours is available the following emergency number +372 5165723 in the following time slots:

  • Monday – Friday from 17:00 to 22:00
  • Saturday, Sunday and during holidays from 9:00 to 21:00

In case of ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY in a time slot different from office hours and the availability of the emergency number, it is possible to call the following number of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:

  • Operation Centre of the Emergency Unit+39 06 36225.

These numbers – that of the Embassy and that of the Ministry – are available only to communicate serious, absolute and proven emergencies that require an immediate and non-deferable intervention from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to safeguard Italians abroad (for example: accidents, arrests, serious medical issues etc.). These functionaries on duty are not allow to handle ordinary administrative procedure such as: AIRE enrollment, civil status, passports or ID card, citizenship applications, notarial services, etc.

What to do if you have lost your ID

Press charges immediately at the Estonian Police. In the city of Tallinn, it is necessary to go in person to the Police Station in Paul Pinna 4 or to file a request through the email (preferably in English). The maximum response time for email requests is 30 days. If you need quickly a stamped paper is necessary to go to the Police Station before 3:00 PM to press charges.

If your document is lost and you what to check if it has been found, it is possible to call the following numbers:

Department of Pinna: +372 612 4758 (with jurisdiction on the city centre/old town of Tallinn)

Department of Kolde: +372 612 4204

If you are an Italian Citizen not residing in Estonia in an emergency situation due to theft or loss of your ID card, the Consular Office can issue an Emergency Travel Document, which is valid only to return to Italy or the country where you have your residency.

We remind Italian citizen to register to Servizi UdC ( before any travel abroad.