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Tax Code (Codice Fiscale)


The tax code is indispensable for carrying out financial transactions in Italy: real estate transactions, work, opening a bank account, enrolling in university, etc. The service is reserved for private citizens, including foreigners, over the age of 18, exclusively resident in this consular district and is free.

Requests for minors or for third parties must contain additional documents.

Companies must request the tax code in Italy at the office of the Revenue Agency competent for the territory in the place of registration of the Company in Italy.

You can request the release of an Italian tax code or a certification of the pre-existing one, for example for access to services related to the SPID digital identity, only through the form available on the following LINK.

Le Aziende o Società devono richiedere il codice fiscale in Italia alla sede dell’Agenzia delle Entrate competente per territorio nel luogo di registrazione dell’Azienda/Società in Italia.


The application must be completed in all its parts, indicating exactly the applicant’s data as they appear on the identity document. Italian citizens must indicate the name shown on the Italian document, even if in possession of another citizenship. The address in Italy can be limited to the indication of the Municipality of AIRE reference in Italy. The foreign address must be complete. Those requesting a pre-existing tax code certification MUST specify which service they require and enter their tax code in the online request.
The request together with a copy of a valid identity document (passport or identity card) must be sent in .pdf or .jpeg format by e-mail to the following address:

Incomplete requests will be rejected.

Due to the large number of requests to the Consular Office, the time required to obtain the certification of the tax code may vary. Please contact the consular office (00 372 627 6160) to find out the status of your case when 2 weeks have passed from the submission.


In the case of minors, in addition to the minor’s identity document, it will also be necessary to send the identity document of the requesting adult and a .pdf of the birth certificate or other document (part of the passport or identity card showing the names of the parents) proving that the applicant is entitled to act on behalf of the child.


The certification is sent via e-mail (.pdf file). The tax code does not expire and does not change due to a transfer abroad. This office does not have the possibility to modify a tax code following an error or change of name: it is necessary to contact the headquarters of the Revenue Agency in Italy.


The TAX CODE appears on the HEALTH CARD, which has a deadline and is linked to residence in Italy. Those residing abroad are not entitled to a HEALTH CARD.