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The set of forms for the issue of an Italian passport is available at the following link.


Photo for passport and identity card – special characteristics according to ICAO

ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY photographs that comply with ICAO standards can be accepted.

The technical-qualitative characteristics that the photo for the electronic passport and identity card must have:

  • It must be recent (no more than 6 months);
  • The photo must be in colour;
  • The person photographed must have a neutral expression and keep his mouth closed;
  • The eyes must be open and clearly visible;
  • The photo must have a white background and uniform light;
  • He must not have flash reflections on his face, and especially not red eyes;
  • The face must cover 70-80% of the photo from the base of the chin to the forehead;
  • Focus must be sharp;
  • The photo must be taken looking directly at the camera;
  • Size: 35x45mm;
  • The photo must be printed on high quality, high definition paper;
  • The face must be well centered in the camera and therefore not in profile;
  • The photo must show the person alone, with no other objects or people in the background.
  • The photo must clearly show the eyes and must not have flash reflections on the lenses (tilt the head slightly);
  • Eyeglasses must not be sunglasses or with tinted lenses;
  • Heavy-rimmed glasses should not be worn, and the frames should not cover any part of the eyes.

Photos taken with a headdress are only accepted if justified by religious reasons; in this case the contours of the face should be clearly seen, from the base of the chin to the forehead along with both sides of the face.